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Surreal Animated GIFs by Henrique Lima

Henrique Lima aka Gringo lives in São Paulo, Brazil and likes to draw.

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Anonymous asked: 'dis bitch' is beautiful.

ahhh thank you kind person, you’re beautiful

i want to drink alcohol that tastes so sticky sweet my lips tingle and i won’t even know i’m getting warm and drunk and red until i realize i can’t help but look at you and all my hands want are your hands and i’ll touch your shirt a lot and when i hear music all i’ll do is dance and dance and look at you and dance and when the the room is a soft blur and your smile takes up all my sight i’ll know i’ll need more of you and i’ll want to be with you in the morning and i’ll want to touch the sun with you


Nancy Brooks - Brody Merce Drawing, 2011.

The exhibition, SUITES IN SPACE: Merce Drawings and Color Forms, features two new series of works. Merce Drawings are linear compositions executed on top of still photographic images of Cunningham performances, which foreground shapes made by the body as it traveled through space and time. To create Merce Drawings, Brody prints low-res images culled from the Internet onto newsprint. These photographs of dancers’ bodies capture a tilted head or a shift in weight to create fixed points that guide the visual plane. While Brody makes several prints of the same image, each unique work underscores the live act of drawing - the unpredictability and the inscription of movement onto time. The painting-objects, Color Forms, are further meditations on the impression a body leaves behind. For these works, Brody embeds enamel-painted shapes made of lead into shallow clefts carved directly into the wall. An extension of her life drawing practice, they are characteristic of Brody’s investment in transmissions,  transitions and form. @  Andrew Kreps.

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Experiemental photography 
Painting with the light of the moon

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"When love is not madness it is not love."

Pedro Calderón de la Barca

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Carsten Höller

'Giulianova Ondafan and Kong the 1st King', 2007.

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